Talking Points

It’s Sunday evening, and I just went through my emails for the day. There was at least a dozen from companies large and small stating their “Covid-19” policies. Reading them lead me to think these are certainly some “unprecedented” times.

I don’t have answers on the virus itself or what real effect it will have in the long term. (It’s up to science and medical professionals to make that determination.) However, I do know human nature and the psychology of real estate from going through multiple ups and downs in the business over the last 20+ years. That is, people do not like to slow down for long, and they always have a need to buy and sell property. While the transaction volume may fluctuate, the need of the marketplace to transact never goes away. And now with the Fed’s cutting of interest rates to zero and the easing on the bond market to keep mortgage rates stable, it looks like we are in as strong of a position as we could hope for.

There are all kinds of talking points right now. Kids staying home from school, companies allowing work from home, and elderly people voluntarily isolating themselves are just a few. The advice I would give is this is an excellent time to reach out to your clients and contacts. Let them know you’re thinking of them and you’re here to help. You don’t need to have answers (as none of us do) about the macro issues. Take the time to be a friend and support system.
One thing I’ve come to realize is that reality is not always as it seems. Let your clients know that it may seem like the world is shutting down for a couple weeks, but to stay assured. This will all come to pass and life will return to a normal state. Remember to call your current prospects or those you have in contract. Tell them what you know and what’s happening with the market. Prove your value by educating them and providing advice as needed.

So, stay positive over the coming days. Use this time to learn a new technology (, work on your Bio, marketing, customer reviews, watch training videos, explore The Zone, write gratitude cards, find a business podcast you love, etc.

Again, take advantage of what is going on make phone/text/written contact – be a ray of sunshine and you’ve leave an impression they won’t forget. Every situation can become an opportunity with the right attitude. As always, thanks for your support and patience as we navigate the future together.

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